Gulfport High School Athletics

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GSD Coaches (2018-2019)


GHS Football:

GHS Cheerleading:

BVMS Girls Basketball:

GHS Softball:

John Archie-HC

Courtney Smith-HC

Shelley Williams-HC

Kristi Basso-HC

Micky D’Angelo

Skye Roussel

Lisa Wolverton

Jan Kathryn Hutchins

Karlos Dillard

Claire Caldwell, 9th HC


Kayla Moran

Keating Helms


GHS Boys Soccer:


Kevin Helms

GCMS Cheerleading

Henrik Madsen-HC

MS Softball:

Kenny Hudson

Melissa Pearson

Patrick Wadsworth

Amber Helms-HC

Chauncey Davis


Fredy Clavijo

Blair Vollmuth

Jeff Bush-DB/9th HC

BVMS Cheerleading:



Don Smith

Pam Kitch-HC

MS Boys Soccer:

GHS Track:

Seth Swinney

Joycelyn Lorenzo

Brett Walton-HC

Michele Woodberry-HC



Shannon Boles-HC

JE Lawrence

GCMS Football:

GHS Swimming:


James Wilson

Don Smith-HC

Missy Rodriguez-HC

GHS Girls Soccer:

Dana Jones

Karlos Dillard

JE Lawrence

Chris Pryor-HC


Kyle Glass


Chris Doxey

GCMS Track:


GHS Boys Basketball:

Judy Riley

Cory Lombard-HC


Owen Miller-HC


Don Smith

BVMS Football:

Heath Cooper

MS Girls Soccer:

Shell Joseph

Brett Walton-HC

Justin Ray

Kelsey Myrick-HC


Cory Carlson

David Austin-9th HC

Aundrea Borchardt-HC

BVMS Track:

Shannon Boles



Marcus Polk-BHC

Marcus Polk

GCMS Boys Basketball:

GHS Powerlifting:

Lisa Wolverton-GHC


Corey Lombard-HC

Logan Fallo-HC

Jeff Bush

GHS Volleyball:

Patrick Bass

Rachel Holman


David Irwin, HC



GHS Golf:

Laura Hankins

BVMS Boys Basketball:

GHS Bowling:

Chris Doxey-GHC


Barry Jenkins-HC

Martin Rivers-HC

Seth Swinney-BHC

GCMS Volleyball:

Marcus Polk

Courtney Ladner


Amy Pittman



GHS Tennis:


GHS Girls Basketball:

GHS Baseball:

Courtney Ulrich-HC

BVMS Volleyball:

Brooke Glass-HC

Jamie McMahon-HC

Shelley Williams

Amber Helms-HC

Charlotte Banks

Perry Wilson


Blair Vollmuth-HC

Courtnie Latham

Jake Chambliss



David Irwin-9th HC

Kyle Glass, 9th HC

Carlos Evers

GHS Cross Country:


Zac Haarala, 9th


Michele Woodberry-HC

GCMS Girls Basketball:


Athletic Dept. Staff

Heath Cooper

Dana Jones-HC

MS Baseball:

Bryan Caldwell, AD


Amy Pittman

Cory Carlson-HC

Donny Fuller, AAD



Brad Hardin

Lynne Rivers, Sec.


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